Make Sure To Get Best Use Of REVIEW RESPONDER

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What Next!

You will soon receive an email with your access code that will allow your free use of REVIEW RESPONDER for the length of your FREE TRIAL.

You will also receive instructions on how to load the tool into your chrome browser and enter the access code, and full details of how to use the tool to respond to any review on any site that allows responses.

During your trial period a member of our team will contact you to ensure everything is OK and check to see if you need any help.

At the end of your free trial you will have a few options which out team will discuss with you:

Option 1,

You can continue to use the tool yourself by purchasing a licence that allows use for a full 12 months


Option 2, upgrade to our DONE FOR YOU service.

You need to do litle or nothing,

we do all the responding to all reviews

on Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot and 1 other review site of your choice.

We will also send you a report of all reviews and responses monthly.

You can purchase a 30 day trial of this service, just to make sure that you are happy to continue on a regular basis.

There is no long term contract as you would just use the service on a month by month basis.


You can just stop using the tool and lose all the benefits that you gained whilst using it during your free trial (I'm pretty sure you want want this option though).